Located in Warsaw, MO, NeKaMo Camp is a non-denominational Christian summer camp. At NeKaMo we value spiritual formation, relationships, community, skill-building, individual development, and creation. We provide a positive, supervised environment where girls can unplug from technology, learn new skills, experience nature, develop confidence, build friendships, grow in faith, form lifetime memories and have lots of FUN!

Our primary aim is for campers to realize that Jesus Christ is real and that he relates to every part of their lives—when they eat, when they play, when they skin their knees, when they hang out with their friends, when they go to sleep at night. The world and the culture keep changing, but Jesus never does. He is our eternal King!

 Recent Updates

2021 Themes

2021 Spiritual Theme -- FEARLESS “When I am afraid, I put my trust in you. In God, whose word I ...
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