Frequently Asked Questions

Please see our FAQ below or contact us with any other questions.


What is the address of NeKaMo Camp?

The mailing address during our two weeks of camp is NeKaMo Camp, c/o Camp Cumcito, 13220 Mission Road, Warsaw, MO 65355. For a contact address throughout the year please visit our contact page.

Do you offer scholarships?

Yes! We offer scholarships, affectionately referred to as “camperships,” in the amount of $75 per camper. This campership is available to any camper in need of financial assistance on a first-come-first-served basis. You may contact our registrar at to request an application.

When is Camp in session?

NeKaMo Camp runs two one-week sessions in June. The dates usually fall during the second and third weeks of the month. Check out our Calendar of Events to see the specific dates!

How much does camp cost?

We make an effort to keep the cost of camp low! Prices may vary slightly from year to year and according to your camper’s age and activity selections. Please see our registration page for costs according to your camper’s specific situation.

What activities are available for my child to take?

Your camper will get to choose from a wide range of activities including swimming, crafts, target sports, etc. To see a broader list of activities available, please visit our activities page.

How long has NeKaMo Camp been around?

NeKaMo Camp was founded in 1965 and is celebrating 50 years of camp ministry in 2015!

Are there other Cedarbrook Camps around?

Yes, there are other Camp Cedarbrooks in the United States and Canada! You can see a list at the Association of Camp Cedarbrook website.

What denomination is NeKaMo Camp affiliated with?

NeKaMo Camp is a non-denominational Christian organization. We focus on major beliefs that unify the body of Christ and do not promote doctrinal differences between various denominations. To see a list of our beliefs please visit our statement of faith page.