Camper in Leadership Training (CILT)

What is CILT?  CILT is a 2-year leadership training program for Explorers who are interested in learning the skills needed to be a camp counselor.  The CILT experience prepares young women to learn and apply principles of leadership and discipleship that they can use throughout their lives.  It will also deepen their knowledge of Scripture and increase their skills in activity areas.

Who can apply?  Applicants must:

  • Be either 16 years old or have completed 10th grade
  • Have attended NeKaMo Camp for at least two years (more is helpful)
  • Have leadership potential and a genuine interest in learning how to be a camp counselor
  • Be able to participate in both CILT I and CILT II, which includes four weeks of camp over two consecutive summers with some lessons during the year between CILT I and CILT II
  • Stay over the weekend between Weeks 1 and 2

What can I expect from the CILT experience?

Learn & Discuss:

Lessons such as Leadership & Camping Principles, Camper Characteristics, Principles of Camp Counseling, Philosophy of NeKaMo Camp.


Skills needed to teach campers in an activity specialty area; build a resource file.


Hands-on activities—lead songfests, Bible Ex., games, etc.

  • Outposting first week during CILT I
  • 24-hour in-cabin experience with campers during CILT I
  • 48-hour in-cabin experience with campers during CILT II


The CILT Coordinator and Instructors, Activity Leaders, and Camp Counselors will encourage the CILTs to learn and grow as leaders.  Each CILT is assigned a mentor/prayer partner during their CILT experience.

What are CILT Responsibilities?

As future leaders, CILTs set an example for their peers and for younger campers.

  • Christian Testimony – CILTs will be challenged to examine their relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Responsibility – They will learn to consider how their words and actions as leaders affect others.
  • Discipline – They will have assignments to complete. If they work through each assignment as it is given, they will still have plenty of time to enjoy being Explorer campers.
  • Cooperation – CILTs will be challenged to depend on the Lord and on each other as they grow through each phase of the CILT program.

How do I apply?  Those Explorers who meet the application requirements listed above may download and fill out the application and reference forms.

When should I apply?  The forms are due by May 1.

All CILT 1 applicants are eligible to apply for a CILT campership covering the cost of one week of camp.