Recap of 2016

NeKaMo Camp 2016


  • We served 162 girls over the two weeks, with 97 first week and 100 second week.  (That’s the highest number we’ve had since 2007.)
  • We welcomed 25 first-time campers week one and 24 week two.  Return campers made up 75% of our attendees.
  • We had 54 staff members over the two weeks, with 39 first week and 37 second week.  We welcomed 10 new staff members, with 4 being recent CILT grads.  Return staff made up 81% of our crew.
  • Temperatures were in the 90’s EVERY. SINGLE. DAY!  We are grateful for the air conditioned cabins and dining hall and rec hall!
  • Our cooks served 4,641 meals over the two weeks, plus extras on the weekends!
  • We graduated 3 CILT 2’s, and 10 CILT 1’s started learning the ropes of what it means to be a leader (and a servant) at NeKaMo.
But statistics are not the whole story of what happens at camp. Here are some comments that might give us some perspective.

Explorers loved:

  • being able to learn more about God through my activities and Bible Ex.
  • All the campers, counselors, and staff were so friendly.  I fit right in and I was surprised by how many people knew my name.  It felt like a family.
  • seeing a lizard at the archery range.
  • the rock wall!
  • outposting with Rufous and learning about God through nature.
  • As much as I really wanted to do Morning Watch or Bible Ex inside, our counselor made us go out and I ended up really enjoying and appreciating the early mornings.
  • getting to bond with my cabin and learning/growing stronger in love for our Lord.

Explorers learned:

  • That God is helping me even though I can’t see he is.
  • He has a plan and will always follow through.
  • I don’t have to do anything to earn God’s love.
  • I need God’s help to be patient.
  • CAN survive a whole week without technology!
  • He works his plan his way.
  • We can have better fellowship with him when we have fellowship with other believers.
  • My relationship with God is growing stronger.

Challengers loved:

  • learning more about God and making new friends.
  • going to the pond for our cookout and looking at God’s creation.
  • learning about God and not being ashamed.
  • going to the woods for archery.
  • canoeing at the pond.
  • we found an inchworm and named him Fred.

Challengers learned:

  • how much God is really with you through each day of your life.
  • why our sins had to be taken away by him dying on a cross.
  • I can stand bugs more than I thought.
  • It is okay to make friends you wouldn’t expect to be friends with.
  • God is like the wind–we can’t see or touch him, but we know he’s there.
  • He sticks and stays with you forever.
  • We need other Christians to help us with our walk with Christ.
  • God needs to be an everyday person in my life, not just there sometimes.
  • He can cure your spiritual blindness.
  • I don’t always have to be shy; I can just be myself and talk to new people and it’s fun.
  • When I am patient and put others before myself, it gives me joy.

Trailblazers loved:

  • buying stuff at the tuck shop, swimming, and learning more about God.
  • There was a lot to do. 
  • We planted flowers in a tree trunk.
  • outdoor cooking and building the fires.
  • meeting new people.
  • when we stayed up to eat ice cream.

Trailblazers learned:

  • how God sent his Son to die for us.
  • He doesn’t leave me; he is everywhere.
  • You can do NOTHING without him.
  • He opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble.
  • He created us and we should honor him more.
  • He will ALWAYS listen and answer your prayers. He can answer in different ways.
  • I enjoy looking at birds.
  • I love to sew.
  • I can laugh 5 minutes straight.

Pathfinders loved:

  • getting a close look at birds.
  • hanging out with my friends.
  • learning about God.
  • everything–this helped me a lot, thank you.

Pathfinders learned:

  • God loves us a lot.
  • He is all powerful.
  • He is the one true God.
  • The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.
  • I want to be a lifeguard.
  • I can handle one week at camp.

Staff wrote:

  • It was really wonderful to feel, hear, and speak the unity of one in Christ.
  • The girls showed leadership in getting to know others in the cabin–it was awesome to see them all bond.
  • I got to share my testimony with a camper and pray together.
  • I loved seeing God’s glory at night in the sky.
  • Patience is golden and lots of prayer is KEY.
  • God speaks through the little things.  When I least expect it, he’s there.
  • God has taught me that even when I don’t have a plan, he does.  And his plans are usually better.
  • Teaching Bible Ex is a great responsibility and it is such a privilege.
  • I love the fellowship, and seeing God working in so many lives is incredible.

Parents wrote:

  • Our daughter truly enjoyed it all. The structure of it was a perfect framework to allow her to make new discoveries while feeling independent yet cared for.
  • This was her 1st year at NeKaMo and she loved it!  Can’t wait to come back which we are glad to hear.
  • Thank you for another wonderful summer at camp. Our daughter continues to grow and experience God in powerful, fresh ways each summer. We love praying for her, staff and all camp during those 2 weeks!! The whole experience is a blessing!


23 camperships ($50 each) were used this year.  If you would like to donate to the Campership Fund for 2017, you can donate here. 

Thanks for your prayers and support.  Camp is truly a team effort!

The NeKaMo Camp Staff