All of our activities are focused on skill building for our campers and gives us tangible ways to explain Jesus Christ to our campers all while enjoying the creation He has created for us.

Here are some of the main activities we have at camp each year:

Rockwall Climbing – This class is offered for campers entering 7th-12th grades (Challengers and Explorers). Campers learn  auto and manual belay and work to achieve 3 varying skill levels of climbing.

Target sports:
Air Riflery – This class is offered for campers entering 5th and 6th grades (Trailblazers).
The girls shoot at NRA targets on a safe shooting range.
Pins can be achieved as skill improves.

22 Riflery – This class is offered for girls in 7th-12th grades (Challengers and Explorers).
Safety and respect for firearms are stressed.
Two adults are present at all classes.
Pins can be achieved as proficiency increases.

Archery – A camp favorite, campers use re-curve bows to shoot at targets 15-50 yards away.
The girls are provided with arrows the appropriate length and arm guards.
This class is open to girls in 7th-12th grades and pins can be achieved for all skill levels.

Water sports: (A swim test must be passed before taking sailing or canoeing.)

Sailing – We use Sunfish sailboats to teach sailing to the 7th -12th grade campers.
These classes are small to allow for more time on the boats.
We sail on the pond at the campsite where there is always a lifeguard present.

Canoeing – We offer both beginning and advanced canoeing to Challengers and Explorers on the pond at
the campsite. Sometimes the beginning class is open to Trailblazers, also.
Advanced Canoeing spends a few days on the pond and then takes some short trips on waterways
nearby. The advanced canoeing class may also do a weekend float trip between the two weeks of camp.
A life guard is present at all times.

Swimming Lessons – NeKaMo offers swimming lessons for all skill levels.
These classes are taught at our pool on the campsite.

Arts/Fine arts:
Crafts – What would camp be without a craft class?
A general craft class is open to all ages and skill levels.

Advanced crafts – This is a class that varies from year to year and is usually open to 7th-12th grade girls.

Some examples of classes offered are leather craft, knitting, painting, sketching, and scrapbooking.
Drama/Puppets/Creative Movement – We frequently have classes in the fine arts.

In the past these classes have included puppets, drama, or guitar.
These classes are offered to a variety of ages.

We offer classes in camp skills covering a variety of topics such as: knot tying, fire building,
outdoor cooking, trails and compass use, soap carving with jack knives, outdoor crafts, and learning to
identify animals and insects native to our camp. These classes are offered to a variety of ages.

Outposting is required for high school campers in the CILT program. For three days the group sleeps in
tents, cooks all their meals over a campfire or camp stove, and focuses on learning other campcraft